No matter what your parents say, you know that being young today is different from how it used to be. You and your friends have more choices than your parents did on almost everything—how to dress, what to eat, what to do with your free time and even how you stay in touch with each other. Those choices include how you care for your eyes and contact lenses.

Having dry, uncomfortable contact lenses really is a drag. ACUVUE™ RevitaLens Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution (MPDS), formerly Blink RevitaLens® Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution (MPDS), can help keep your eyes comfortable, no matter what you like to do or how late you finish that term paper. Its formula delivers brilliantly clean and clear contact lenses, conditions your lenses to maintain surface moisture, provides clear vision and end-of-day comfort. ACUVUE™ RevitaLens, formerly Blink RevitaLens® Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution (MPDS), delivers effective cleaning and robust disinfection, removing protein and other deposits that commonly accumulate during lens wear. The result is a lens that is clean and more comfortable to wear all day, every day. So now you won’t have to worry that your lens won’t get you through the homecoming dance. A Clean Contact Lens Is a Comfortable Contact Lens!

Here are some recommended tips to make sure that your eyes can keep up with you.

  • Never share your contact lenses with friends, as bacteria and infection may spread this way.
  • Don't share contact lens care products either. Your lenses may not be compatible with other contact solutions, or your friends may have contact solutions that are not designed to disinfect and lubricate your lenses. Keep a travel-size bottle of ACUVUE® RevitaLens, Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution (MPDS), formerly Blink RevitaLens® Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution (MPDS), on hand so that you always have contact solution while on the go.
  • Always wash your hands before handling your lenses. Rub, rinse, and disinfect your lenses each time you remove them and always handle the same lens, the right or the left, first in order to avoid mix-ups.
  • Do not expose your lenses or lens case to tap water, bottled water, distilled water, lake water or ocean water. For emergency situations, keep a travel-seize bottle of ACUVUE RevitaLens Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution (MPDS), formerly Blink RevitaLens® Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution (MPDS), on hand or at the office. Do not use saliva or put lenses in your mouth to rewet. Use a lubricating and rewetting eye drop to help keep your eyes comfortable during long days, such as Blink Contacts® Lubricant Eye Drops
  • Rinse your lens case after each use and allow to air-dry. You should replace your contact lens case every one to three months to ensure that your contacts lenses stay clean.
  • Always remove your contact lenses before swimming, showering or entering a hot tub, as the water can contain contaminants.
  • Even after a long day, do not sleep with your contacts in, unless prescribed by your eye care professional.
  • Use water-based cosmetics while wearing your lenses to avoid leaving a film on your lenses. Insert your contacts before applying make-up and take them out before removing your make-up.
  • Always apply aerosol hairsprays, cologne and deodorant before inserting your contacts.
  • Did you know that you blink less while studying in front of the computer, which can leave your eyes dry and irritated? Remember to blink more often when you are in front of the computer and give your eyes a break every 30 minutes to help them stay moist and comfortable.
  • Having dry, red eyes is never normal. Always talk to your eye care professional about any eye irritation or discomfort.

For further information about eye health, visit , the official Web site of the American Optometric Association.

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