What is a healthy eye?

Healthy eyes are hydrated eyes and need tears to work the way they should.

  • Where do tears come from?

    Tears come from tear glands found way up under your upper eyelids. They wash down from the glands over your eyes.

  • What are tears made of?

    Tears consist of water, oil mucus and salt.

The Importance of Tear Film

Close up view of a person’s right smiling eye looking straight ahead.

Every time you blink, a thin layer of tears called “tear film” is spread across the outer layer of the eye. Tear film can help the eyes in many ways, including keeping the eyes hydrated to provide clear, crisp vision. It also can help clean and protect your eyes.

Tear film is made up of two different layers:

Oily layer

The outer layer of tear film, known as the lipid layer, which keeps tears from evaporating too quickly and makes the surface of the eyes smooth.

Watery/mucus layer

The layer of tear film closest to the eye, known as the mucoaqueous complex layer, helps the tear film stick to the surface of the eyes and keeps them hydrated.

Close up view of a person’s right smiling eye looking straight ahead.
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Have Questions About Dry Eye? Talk to Your Eye Doctor

If your eyes feel uncomfortable, or you have trouble seeing and the tips above haven’t helped, make an appointment with your eye doctor. No issue is too small to discuss, especially since your eyes are what connect you to the world.

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